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About Us
         Victory Eyewear Co., Ltd. is a sunglasses manufacturer. Specialized in developing, manufacturing and exporting excellent sunglasses. We have headquarters in Taiwan and Design Centre & Factory in Xiamen.
         We have been in this industry over 20 years. The mainly products are kids sunglasses, sport sunglasses and optical glasses with high-quality. We have local and overseas clients, which contain some well-known brands. 
        We are your trustful supplier for this field. Our mission is to sell high quality eyewear and provide excellent customers service to enable you to compete effectively with your competition.

Our company's concepts are to design and produce our own products with high quality. OEM and ODM we do it also.
Victory Eyewear Co., Ltd.
Address:382 ZhongXiao Road, YongKang, Tainan 71074, TAIWAN / TEL:+886-6-233-7000 / FAX:+886-6-232-4200